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How To Fix the “HTTPS Not Secure” Message in Chrome

You’ve probably come across that message on the side of a website: “this website is not secure,” at some point in your life, right?

Some people look at this message and instantly close their browser, afraid of what may happen to their devices.

Imagine if you depend on your website to make money, and this happens to your website visitors? You need to fix it to maintain your customers’ trust, plus it’s a Google ranking factor.

What Causes HTTPS Not Secure ?

In short, your web hosting plan does not include an encrypted connection.

Sometimes, the web page you’re visiting ...

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How to start a business: planning and starting up

Being your own boss and seeing your ideas come to fruition – all it takes is courage… but maybe also careful planning! There are several steps, from the initial ideas to your business plan, and then from financing to marketing. We’ll explain what’s important when considering how to start a small business.

How to start a company? Ideas take pride of place!

They do exist - those business ideas that change the world. But those get-rich-quick ideas are the unicorns of the business world — a startup that is valued by investors at over a billion dollars is a rare sight. In most cases, however, hard work and ...

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